Classica Model

Looks can be deceiving. From a distance, you see wood. Up close, ifs sturdy, durable, low-maintenance steel. The Classica Collection of Carriage House Doors. Precision-shaped doors in fresh, clean, classic carriage house styles that go up and down like traditional garage doors. Three-section tall designs, instead of four, help deliver a more authentic carriage house look. Deception never looked so good.

Panel Designs

Seven different panel designs for the Classica model garage doors include: Lucern Closed Arch, Tuscany Closed Arch, Santiago Closed Arch, Valencia Closed Arch, Northampton Closed Arch, Bordeaux Closed Arch and Cortona Closed Arch.

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Classica Top Sections

Daytona Doors offers many panel designs with this model*

Daytona Doors has 18 top section desings for you to choose from ranging from designs like Closed Arch, to others like Madeira.

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*Designs available with Obscure Glass.

Classica Colors*

Daytona Doors has 9 different colors to choose from: True White, Almond, Wicker Tan, Sandstone, Terratone, Dark Brown, Golden Oak, Walnut and Mahogany.

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*Due to the monitor screen, actual color may vary.

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*Price upcharge applies.

Decorative Hardware & Lock

Daytona Doors has many different styles of Aluminum and Stamped Steel decorative hardware for your garage doors.

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3 Types of Steel Doors

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